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Jun. 15th, 2010


Montenegro Tour - Day 2, part 2 - Bikes and Roads

In the first part I forgot to tell you about one morning event that day. When we went down from our room to take a walk to the Old Town, we've met Marina (tour operator representative, remember?), and asked her maybe she knows where could we rent a bike. She said that we should go to the seafront, there're lots of agencies (as you already know, there wasn't any bike rent there).
Also a man was standing near, and he asked whether we want to go with him and his daughter (they've brought bikes from Ukraine to Montenegro) somewhere round the Boka Kotorska and further. We were curious whether that should be hard, 'cause also croatian Dubrovnik was suggested - and it's 90 km from Budva!
He said, it's not a problem, they've made more that 150 km in Kiev region. Finally we almost agreed, but we ought to find bikes first.
Biking to Sveti StefanCollapse )

Jun. 14th, 2010


Montenegro Tour - Day 2, part 1 - Town and Sea

Continuing describing our Montenegro Tour, the second day will be formed from two parts, as if there're lots of photos.

Next morning we've had a glass of wine on the room's balcony, observing a terrific view of mountains and blue sky Budva againCollapse )

Jun. 2nd, 2010


Time for Dreams to come True

This month I'm going to change my life a bit so it'd have more crazyness..
It was a dream, which I haven't ever brought into life, because of the lack of time, lazyness and other silly reasons.. :) What am I talking about?Collapse )

May. 18th, 2010


Montenegro Tour - Day 1, "familiarizable"

Previously I have described the start of our trip - tour choosing, flight and arriving to Tivat airport...

..Our bus is leaving Tivat and goes on the road which spreads parallel to runway. Half of an hour ago we had been landing not only right above the mountains covered with differently shaded green carpet, but also right near this road, with the possibility to see drivers in their cars, going somewhere with their own thoughts and goals.

Road to Budva takes about 20mins, during it our "tour operator representative" Marina (nice name;)) talks about a common routine and tells some facts about Montenegro and places we are passing by. One of them was a court where the famous singers like Madonna and Rolling Stones have "blowed up the scene" recently. Actually, nothing special - an abandoned court near one of the beaches named "Jaz", only the posts with pojectors and glass debris distinguish this one among the others. Budvanska RivieraCollapse )

May. 11th, 2010


Montenegro Tour - The Beginning

With this post I hope to start telling a story about a wonderful trip, which could be a fairy-tale if it hadn't happened in reality.
This trip was conceived as a honeymoon travelling, but wasn't actually planned beforehand. I'm happy about the possibility we've had to take the days off and to combine them with public holidays in UA. Ultimately 3 days off have turned into a 10-days trip, which I'm going to describe step by step and day by day. So let's start the Montenegro Dream Tour from the very beginning..Flight to MontenegroCollapse )

Jun. 15th, 2006


И тишина...

Все затихло в офисе...
Не стучат больше кнопки клавиатур.. не слышно сдавленного смеха сотрудников... лишь изредка то с одного, то с другого конца комнаты доносятся грустные вздохи..
Как теперь дождаться вечера? Это же мучение.. Еще целых полдня.. - думает каждый.
На улице дождь, тучи.. темно. грустно. никто не может развеселить нас.. или хотя бы разделить эту грусть.

А все почему? Потому что аська висит. :) :) :)

Jun. 4th, 2006


Яду мне, яду!

О Господи,
когда же это закончится??!